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Chabad of Brookville

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Chabad of Brookville
1447 Cedar Swamp Rd., Brookville, NY 11545 USA
Office: 516-671-6620

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Biblical Reflections: Find Yourself in the Stories of the Bible -
About the Course


Everybody loves a good story. A good story takes hold of the imagination and provides a window into the human soul.

The stories of the book of Genesis are the oldest stories in the world, yet they continue to inspire countless retellings and adaptations. They retain their power because they deal with the most powerful of human motives: the quests for love, purpose, identity, and redemption. They also explore the inner obstacles that threaten these goals: lust, greed, hatred and jealousy.

When you explore these stories, you will identify with characters who grapple with the feelings and dilemmas that are at the heart of the human experience. You will see how their stories are also the stories of YOUR life, reflecting your joy and your pain, your struggles and your victories. And you will learn how the Torah’s eternal values provide insight that helps you respond more thoughtfully as you face critical moments of your own.

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Date 6 Wednesdays, May 6th - Jun 10th 2009
Time 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Fee $79.00