Chabad of Mid-Suffolk

Chabad of Mid-Suffolk

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Chabad of Mid-Suffolk
318 Veterans Highway, Commack, NY 11725 USA
Office: 6317673144

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Past Courses

Communication: Its Art and Soul -
About the Course

Can you express yourself effectively in 140 characters or less? Should you?

The rise of the internet, mobile phones, and social media has completely changed the way we relate, interact, and communicate with one another—and it’s high time we reclaim this lost art.

In Jewish philosophy, communication is more than just a tool: it is who we are. Humans are defined as communicative beings with a communicative soul, and aligning ourselves with this soul is our raison d’être.

In Communication: Its Art and Soul, we contrast Jewish thought with scientific discovery to unearth the essence of communication and how to utilize its powers to better ourselves, our relationships, and all of society

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Date 6 Mondays, Jan 22nd - Feb 26th 2018
Time 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Fee $89.00
Couple Discount $10 off