Hemlock Farms

Hemlock Farms

Sponsoring Agency: Chabad Lubavitch of the Poconos

Hemlock Farms
Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley, PA 18428 USA
Office: 570.420.8655
Email: rabbi@jewishpoconos.com
Web: www.JewishPoconos.com

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Past Courses

The Kabbalah of Character -
About the Course

You are unlike any person who has ever lived before. How can you make the most of the gifts you have been given?
The Kabbalah of Character, a new and expanded revision of our popular course "Soul Powers," is designed to help you understand the unique mix of qualities that define your individuality. Drawing on the organizational structure of the Kabbalah, this course examines the nature of the human soul created in the image of G-d.

The Kabbalah of Character is not a quick-fix. You won't learn how to become a perfect person in eight easy lessons. But you will learn strategies for making changes that are lasting and real. Authored by Rabbi Moshe Miller, noted scholar of Kabbalah, the course invites you to choose from among a wealth of reflective approaches to chart your own path to personal growth. It includes wisdom to amaze you and stories to inspire you, as well as journal exercises and practical tools to help you apply the lessons to your own life.
So spend eight weeks learning the secrets that will help you unlock your inner potential.
Because you won't know what you can be... until you hold a mirror to your soul.

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Date 8 Mondays, Jan 22nd - Mar 12th 2007
Time 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Fee $100.00