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Join the largest network adult Jewish education providers.  JLI Flagship’s innovative presentation of traditional Judaism is designed to be both intellectually rigorous and highly accessible and relevant to Jews of all backgrounds.

JLI Flagship issues three new six-week courses per year on a variety of topics including: Kabbalah (chassidus), ethics, Jewish law, history and practice, psychology and self-help.

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JLI Flagship courses are geared towards Jews of diverse educational backgrounds offering engaging, intellectual classes that demonstrate the relevance of Torah to them today.  JLI enables participants to achieve Jewish literacy across a wide range of subjects in Torah and Chassidus while discovering practical wisdom they can apply to their lives.

JLI offers three six-week courses each year, one in each of three sessions (fall, winter, and spring). JLI Flagship chapters across the globe offer the courses concurrently, fostering a sense of community among students and instructors.

Each course features a carefully structured curriculum and includes attractively-designed Student Textbooks with reading selections from primary sources, thought-provoking exercises and a variety of teaching tools to enhance the learning experience.

Lessons are enhanced with dynamic Power Point slide show presentations and documentary-style video clips.  Sophisticated marketing materials for print, display, email and social media are provided to intrigue and attract the maximum number of students.

The JLI Program appeals to all segments of the community by meeting them “where they are” and addressing the topics they want to learn about.

JLI is a proven vehicle to partnerships with other communal organizations, as well as academic and professional institutions.

Mrs. Mindy Wallach / 718.221.6900, ext. 120 / [email protected]

JLI Flagship Courses 5777

CME and APA accredited (for medical and mental health professionals)

Whether it’s at home, in the office, or in your personal life, everyone craves success. This course provides uniquely Jewish ways of thinking to help you develop a growth mindset, identify and cultivate your signature strengths, deal with your weaknesses, and overcome the obstacles to your success.

Accredited for Continuing Legal Education (in most states)

Strange as it may seem, this is a course without a topic. Instead, it provides an engaging new approach to Talmud study. Each lesson presents a case study with a seemingly impossible ethical conundrum, and explores original Talmudic texts for solutions. Students study texts in pairs, arriving at their own conclusions and utilize electronic polling to communicate their answers.

Exploring Israel Through the Lens of the Six-Day War

The fifty-year anniversary of the Six-Day War provides an historic opportunity to discover what Israel means to us today. More than a history, it is a course about connection; understanding our connection to our land, to our people, and to our heritage through the prism of the events and themes of the Six-Day War.


  • Fall: 12 Cheshvan, 5777 / November 13, 2016
  • Winter: 2 Shevat, 5777 / January 29, 2017
  • Spring: 11 Iyar, 5777 / May 7, 2017

Fall: 12 Cheshvan 5776 / October 25, 2015, Spring: 7 Iyar 5776 / May 15, 2016, Winter: 28 Shevat 5776 / February 7, 2016


Extensive instructor training and support including annual conference and online forum with fellow instructors, Marketing materials for a multi-pronged marketing campaign and student-recruitment strategies, Power Point slides and documentary-style video clips, Teacher’s Manual featuring extensive footnotes, timed lesson outlines and teaching tips

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Mrs. Mindy Wallach 718.221.6900 ext. 120 / [email protected]