MyShiur: Talmud Learning Initiative

Ideal for novices and seasoned students alike, myShiur provides enthusiasts an opportunity to engage with the ancient texts and Talmudic dialectic.

Courses focus on a selected sugya of Gemara.  Each course contains ten lessons.  Courses are available on sections of the following mesechtot:

Shabbat – This course focuses on the melachot as studied and examined by the Talmud. A unique biblical verse is explored for all the implications that derive from it.

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Ketubot  This course provides a look at how we balance personal religious idealism and family responsibilities.

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Pesachim – Lessons focus on practical Halacha as you follow the Mitzvah from its Biblical roots to the Talmudic dialogue, to the verdicts of the codifiers.

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Ta’anit –  The discussion in this course centers around the Torah’s view on prayer, and specifically, prayers for rain in times of drought.

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Bava Metsia – This course explores the Talmud’s directives regarding your civic duties and moral responsibilities

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Many Jews feel shut-out of the age-old tradition of Talmud study.  They may be curious, but find Talmud foreign, complex and inaccessible.  MyShiur Talmud Learning Initiative is an innovative entry to this magnificent study.  Students need no prior knowledge of Talmud.  The only prerequisite is an open mind.

MyShiur contains unique skill-building techniques including practice of basic Gemara vocabulary, mastering key conceptual phrases, learning to investigate the interface between the Written Law and the Oral Law and developing the ability to analyze the text of the Talmud.

MyShiur is the perfect solution for students ready to take their Jewish studies to the next level as well as for Yeshiva schools looking for innovative ways to help students tackle Gemara.

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Rabbi Shlomie Tenenbaum / 718.221.6900 ext. 172 / [email protected]


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Adults, Advanced Learners