Sticky Situations

Should we pay ransom to a terrorist to secure the life of a hostage? Should a murderer get to inherit the estate of his victim? When would you refuse a risky surgery? This course is filled with intriguing Torah approaches to the most impossible catch-22 situations.

Sticky Situations Student Book

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Judaism has a lot to say about questions of ethics and morality. In this series, teens will explore ethical questions and moral dilemmas that arise in different areas of life, often comparing and contrasting Jewish and secular law and values. In this course, teens will be challenged to solve some perplexing, hotly contested problems. Does my moral obligation to help the poor mean that I have to give a needy person an iPad or a TV—in addition to food and clothing? Is it ethical to take a sick person off of life support if that is what the person wants? Can I keep money or objects that I find on the street?

Includes: 1 Teacher’s manual, Marketing materials, PowerPoints, Lesson videos.

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