Torah Studies Pesach Package

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Three easy to prepare lessons your students will love.


  1. Rise of the Machine Matzahs
    The Evolution of the Humble Matzah

    Take a trip to 1850s Europe where a debate rages. Is the new machine matzah kosher? Are its defenders heretics? Round, square, what’s the difference? Discover the history of the machine matzah, from its humble origins to its position today as the behemoth of Jewish foods.
  2. Home Altar-ation
    Bringing G-d into Our Personal Space
    Of the four volumes of the Jewish Code of Law, there is just one tiny section about the synagogue. The rest is all about the kitchen, the bedroom, and the business place. So, where is the center of Jewish observance?
  3. Lessons from Caesar (Acharon Shel Pesach)
    A Look at Jewish Leadership
    In the Talmud, Moshiach is called Caesar. What does the Roman Emperor have to do with the Jewish Redeemer? A fascinating odyssey into ancient history and the future Messianic age uncovers a surprising model of leadership and personal growth.
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