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Torah Cafe is proud to present a treasury of videos on a variety of topics related to Gimmel Tammuz.
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Some highlights include:

To Ignite Souls
What was the Rebbe’s life mission?

The Rebbe’s Legacy of Love
In this moving talk Rabbi Ruvi New shares personal stories of how the Rebbe continues to affect his life. What drives Chabad Rabbis around the globe to deliver the Rebbe’s message?
Rabbi New delivers the Rebbe’s eternal message with clarity and warmth. The lecture is more like a classic Chassidic Farbrengen, reflecting a life full of meaning and commitment.

What the Rebbe Means to Me
One of the hallmarks of the Rebbe’s leadership was his special regard for children, expressed through his founding of Tzivos Hashem as well as countless children’s rallies, to prepare for upcoming holidays, discuss how chassidus related to their lives, and demonstrate the Rebbe’s love and connection with them. While this was certainly an outgrowth of the Rebbe’s tremendous valuation of every Jew, great or small, it’s also emblematic of the Jewish child inside each of us.

Rabbi Yitzchak Shochet shares a story of a little boy crying for the Rebbe’s blessing, and finds that little boy in Barcelona, Berlin, and down the road from each of us. How far are we willing to extend ourselves to staunch the tears of the little boy? To answer, we must first know that his soul is crying out for connection, that he is searching for direction — that is why G-d has brought him our way.