Paradigm Shift: Transformational Life Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Fechas April-August 2014
Lecciones incluidas 6,3
Visión general del curso

Paradigm Shift is an elevator ride to the heights of what is possible. Synchronize yourself with the mission for which you were placed on earth, and learn to recognize the inherent goodness and perfection in yourself, in others, and in every circumstance of your life.

Distilled into six succinct lessons, this empowering course offers a revolutionary outlook on life, culled from the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.

This course is offered in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing

Detalles de la lección
Lesson 1 Seeing a Beautiful Garden

Parts of life you enjoy. Others, you just can’t stand. Without being naive, is it possible to see only the good in everything? How can we find the positive spark in old age, work, struggle--even arrogance, evil, and death? A sophisticated understanding of reality uncovers a world in which there is only opportunity, positivity, and goodness.

Lesson 2 Realizing Your Potential

The soul is not a recessive gene. With every movement of the body, its innate perfection finds expression. Discovering this for yourself will not only boost your self-esteem and improve your relationships, but will also lead you to demand more of yourself and push your limits to redefine what is possible.

Lesson 3 Minding Your Mission

We are all so alike, yet so different. Each of us was endowed with a unique set of talents and circumstances precisely because there is a specific life-mission for us to fulfill. How do you utilize this custom toolbox of fate and skill to decipher your individual purpose is in this world?

Lesson 4 Synching with the Devine

Who is the ideal religionist? The dutiful follower who submits completely to the will of a higher power? Or he who integrates, internalizes, and owns his beliefs--to cultivate a personal relationship with G-d, and become a leader in his own right? This lesson questions the foundations of our perception of religion.

Lesson 5 Redefining Failure

We all make mistakes. Such is life. But why was it intended to be this way? This lesson explores how failure is not an anomaly in the design of creation, but the tool through which the highest form of success is carved.

Lesson 6 Opening Our Eyes

The purpose of creation is finally within reach. Despite tensions in parts of the globe, revolutionary changes are taking place in technology, in politics, and in the human spirit—many bearing markings of an impending biblical redemption. How do we awaken ourselves to this reality—to recharge for the sprint to the finish line?