JLI 2016-2017 Academic Year


Fall 2016: How Success Thinks CME and APA accredited (for medical and mental health professionals)
Whether it’s at home, in the office, or in your personal life, everyone craves success. This course provides uniquely Jewish ways of thinking to help you develop a growth mindset, identify and cultivate your signature strengths, deal with your weaknesses, and overcome the obstacles to your success.

Winter 2017: The Talmud, Engaged Accredited for Continuing Legal Education (in most states)
Strange as it may seem, this is a course without a topic. Instead, it provides an engaging new approach to Talmud study. Each lesson presents a case study with a seemingly impossible ethical conundrum, and explores original Talmudic texts for solutions. Students study texts in pairs, arriving at their own conclusions and utilize electronic polling to communicate their answers.

Spring 2017: Home In Six Days Exploring Israel Through the Lens of the Six-Day War
The fifty-year anniversary of the Six-Day War provides an historic opportunity to discover what Israel means to us today. More than a history, it is a course about connection; understanding our connection to our land, to our people, and to our heritage through the prism of the events and themes of the Six-Day War.

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