The Messiah Mystery: Toward a Perfect World
Dates April 2005-February 2006
Lessons Included 6,8
Course Overview

No idea in human history has inspired so much hope or ignited so much debate. It is the dream that has motivated prophets, poets, sages and mystics. It is the basis for the beliefs of billions across the globe.

What is this Jewish ideal, "Mashiach" - the Messiah? Where is its source? When did it become so important to Judaism? Why? How is it relevant to the here and now?

Lesson Details
Lesson 1 World Turning

History unfolds and a new era emerges. Is there is a plan, or is it just random? From Genesis to the Ten Commandments, anticipating the redemption has been Judaism's driving ethos.

Lesson 2 Home Is Where the Heart Is

Why can't Jews make any land a home? Learn how dislocation affects us in all its dimensions - personal and global, material and spiritual - and how to turn it into a force for redemption.

Lesson 3 The Essence of the Matter

According to our sages, each of us has an "inner Messiah": In your deepest self is the key that unlocks the door to the redemption. So why do we need a redeemer of flesh and blood?

Lesson 4 The Un-apocalypse

Armageddon? An eternal battle of good and evil? Encounter Judaism's unique utopian vision: the un-apocalypse, an end to suffering and strife, and wondrous Divine revelations.

Lesson 5 The House that G-d Built

From Solomon to the Wailing Wall, it has brought spiritual ecstasy, material blessing ... and political storm. Why is the Temple Mount a universal epicenter - and just where is the lost ark?

Lesson 6 The End ... or the Beginning?

For millennia, our prophets and sages have encouraged a righteous path to the soul's eternal reward - in a body! Can the dead really live again?

Lesson 7 Are We There Yet?

How can we tell if we are getting any closer? Can we sense a world transforming? Is there a way to know that Mashiach is really on its way?

Lesson 8 The Tipping Point

Are we merely spectators, or do we have a proactive role in making Mashiach happen? Discover finite acts with infinite reach: One good deed can bring the world to the tipping point.