The Kabalah of Time
Dates January 2006-September 2011
Lessons Included 8,6
Course Overview

Examine time and the Jewish calendar through the mystical lens of Kabbalah. Time is a profound organizing element of our existence, and the cycle of the Jewish calendar provides a powerful template for personal growth.

Discover both a practical understanding of the structure of the Jewish calendar as well as mystical insights into recurrent patterns of time.

Lesson Details
Lesson 1 The Nature of Time

How did time begin, and what differentiates one moment from another?

Lesson 2 The Seven-Day Week

Why is our time divided into cycles of seven days, and how can we use the week's template to develop ourselves and our relationship with G-d?

Lesson 3 Meeting the Shabbat Queen

From the joyous welcome late Friday afternoon, to the poignant farewell on Saturday night, Shabbat is a time when we greet royalty in our homes.

Lesson 4 Sun and Moon

The Jewish calendar carefully balances the cycles of the sun with the renewal of the moon, and teaches us how to balance consistency and change in our lives.

Lesson 5 Proclaiming Holidays

We are granted the power as a community to infuse the world with holiness on the schedule we dictate.

Lesson 6 Seasons of Birth

Passover and Shavuot are times when we receive heavenly gifts that transform our experience.

Lesson 7 Seasons of Reconciliation

The High Holidays and Sukkot are times when we take the initiative in reaching out to G-d.

Lesson 8 From Darkness to Light

The special days established by the Rabbis teach us how we can overcome the darkest of times.