Wisdom From Sinai: Revolutionary Ideas that Judaism Introduced to the World
Dates December 2006-June 2011
Accreditation CLE
Lessons Included 8
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At the heart of the mystical Jewish experience at Sinai that made us a people, the Ten Commandments constitute an ethical core that has guided us for three thousand years. Yet they have had influence far beyond Jewish life. The Ten Commandments are widely acknowledged as the bedrock of most religions, legal systems and ethical codes of the Western world. In this inaugural course offered by the Sinai Scholars Society, you will discover why. Examine the core values that guide a moral society: love and respect, gratitude and loyalty, faith and integrity. Debate opposing principles as you consider the self vs. others, truth vs. kindness, making the most of now vs. sacrificing for future goals. Challenge your assumptions about the good society as you investigate the key issues that confront us as individuals, Jews, and members of the global community.