MyShiur - Explorations in Talmud: Tractate Ta'anit
Dates December 2010-February 2011
Accreditation CLE
Lessons Included 10
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Upcoming course: Winter 2011

Prayer and reflection are fundamental components of our spiritual life and the ultimate expressions of our faith. In Judaism, on Yom Kippur and other auspicious, holy days or times of need, we intensify our communion with the Almighty with fasting.

Under the guidance and direction of the renowned, leading Talmudic scholar of our era, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz), this new course is a study of the opening chapter of Talmudic tractate Ta'anit (Fasting).  The discussion in this section centers around the Torah's view on prayer, and specifically, prayers for rain in times of drought. 

The subject is inspirational and empowering, demonstrating the Jewish tradition of directly communicating with our creator and asking Him to provide for all our needs.