Kabbalah Rhythms: A Spiritual Roadmap to Higher Living
Dates February 2003-November 2004
Lessons Included 6,3,8
Course Overview

Exploring the inner core of Judaism and the inner core of your own soul. What are we about in the world, who is G-d, and what does G-d want from us? Learn how to reengineer your Jewish life in the light of the answers you will discover.

Join us for eight weeks of spiritual exploration that will cast new light and bring new life into everything you do

Lesson Details
Lesson 1 Introduction: What is Kabbalah?

Welcome to the unfolding inner relationship at the heart of our spiritual quest for meaning and purpose in life.

Lesson 2 A New Point of View

Transcend the limits of the human mind as we begin to adopt a brand new outlook on being.

Lesson 3 Providence: Is it really "meant to be"?

Feel the pulse of a creation in constant renewal and see a world whose every detail is crucial and cosmic.

Lesson 4 Of Souls and Worlds: What lies beyond?

Unleash the flow of life as we discover the patterns of creation the divine name reveals in our souls and the spiritual realms.

Lesson 5 The Mysteries of Personality, Part One - The Mind

See the divine intellect in our own - and unlock the spiritual power of the human mind.

Lesson 6 The Mysteries of Personality, Part Two - The Heart

Find perfect balance as we reach into the divine emotions for the root of the human heart.

Lesson 7 Winning the Shell Game: Uncovering Hidden Good

Delve the mysteries of the Tree of Knowledge as we learn secrets of mastering and transforming the self.

Lesson 8 Heaven on Earth

Reveal your role as a partner in creation, working together to transform the world into a perfect home of unbounded joy.