Seasons of the Soul: The Jewish Life Cycle
Dates May 2004-December 2009
Accreditation CLE
Lessons Included 6,3,8
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A passionate journey of dramas and joys, your soul's course through the Jewish life cycle is a wondrous tale of discovery, meaning and fulfillment.  This spring, join us for eight weeks of life, love, family, and renewal - as we explore the Seasons of the Soul.

1. Miracle of Miracles: Pregnancy, birth ... The Jewish art of welcoming your next generation to the world.

2. A Direct Line to Life: A covenant, a gift - what's in a name?  Your essential role in establishing your child's Jewish identity.

3. Before You Know It: Educating a child, celebrating bar/bat mitzvah ... Growing with your young adult.

4. Mazal Tov!  Hitting the jackpot - When you find that "other" who becomes truly significant.

5. Holy Work: Every day presents you new opportunities - Living Judaism for a busy world.

6. Golden Years: All this and wisdom, too? A Jewish approach to making the most of Senior Citizenship.

7. Death and Mourning: "And the living shall take to heart" - sensitive rites for the soul's passage.

8. Life After Life: What lies beyond?  The Jewish Life Cycle continues...