Central London

Central London

Sponsoring Agency: Chabad Lubavitch UK

Central London
Deloitte 2 New Street Square, London, London EC4A 3BZ United Kingdom
Office: 020 7078 7469
Email: mail@chabad.org.uk

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Past Courses

SoulQuest: The Journey, Through Life, Death, and Beyond -
About the Course


The before, during, and after. Life is a journey, but it's also a cycle. Unravel the mystery of death by exploring life, and get answers to your questions on the afterlife and beyond.  

Learn where you come from, where your lost loved ones are to be found, and how the before and after is all about the here and now.

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Date 6 Wednesdays, Nov 4th - Dec 9th 2009
Time 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Fee £60.00

If you are unable to attend all classes, or are in need of a scholarship, just call our offices on 020 7078 7469. or email us at mail@chabad.org.uk, and we'll be happy to assist you.