Kabbalah-based course offers steps to fulfillment

Posted Thursday, Dec 11th, 2008
The Tennessean
November 8, 2008

Kabbalah-based course offers steps to fulfillment

By Cheryl Tatum

A Nashville rabbi hopes a six-step program offered through the Chabad Center for Jewish Awareness in Nashville will give participants a road map to a life of individual fulfillment resulting in better homes and communities.

Soul Maps, the program beginning on Wednesday is designed to help people understand themselves and find inner contentment, said Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel.

Today's world could be viewed as a dark place with war on two fronts and an economy that is threatening the livelihood of many, Tiechtel said. But it is also the perfect time for people to look for spiritual fulfillment.

"Soul Maps will provide spiritual guidance for a new era,'' said Tiechtel.

Offered through the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), Soul Maps is being taught in 250 cities across the country.

A brand new course, it uses tools from the Kabbalah to help participants understand themselves and find inner contentment.

Kabbalah is an aspect of Jewish mysticism and according to information from the Kabbalah Centre, it is the world's oldest body of spiritual wisdom and contains keys to the secrets of the universe as well as to the mysteries of the human heart and soul.

Course based on book

The course is based on Tanya, an 18th century book that made the previously esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah practical and relevant, Tiechtel said.

"The soul drives us to be good people, but there is a lot of static, interference," the rabbi added, saying Soul Maps will help people from all walks of life learn about themselves and find their way through their own complexities. "Everybody has a spark of God in them," he said.

The goal is for students to leave the program with tools they can use everyday to resolve guilt, conflict and confusion with a positive attitude.

"I think what we have seen lately is that attitude has a lot to do with the economy. People with a positive attitude will live a positive life," Tiechtel said.

As this nation focuses on change with a new president, Tiechtel said, a spiritual change is also needed.

Soul Maps is designed for people of all levels of Jewish knowledge, and participants don't have to have any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. All JLI courses are open to the entire community and people do not need to be a member of any particular synagogue or church, Tiechtel said. The course costs $89 per person or $159 per couple.

For information about the class, contact Tiechtel at [email protected] or www.myjli.com.

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