Education for Happiness

Posted Thursday, Dec 11th, 2008
Vail Daily News

Education for Happiness

The Chabad Jewish Center of the Vail Valley joins Soul Maps, a program that teaches Kabbalah as a tool to reach emotional happiness.

People are complicated. We have a warm, sensitive side and a wild, primitive side. We can act caring and nurturing one moment, and self-centered and aggressive the next. Making sense of our thoughts and emotions is not easy, and people often feel conflicted and overwhelmed.

“People struggle every day to understand themselves and find inner peace,” says Rabbi Dovid Mintz of the Cahbad Jewish center in Vail. “What people really need is a guide to help them navigate their own complexity, and the Kabbalah has provided these tools for centuries.”

This November, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is proud to launch Soul Maps, an ancient and innovative approach to human psychology. Soul Maps is structured as a six-step program, utilizing tools from the Kabbalah to help participants understand themselves and find inner contentment. The course is based on Tanya, an 18th-century book that made the previously esoteric teachings of Kabbalah practical, relevant and accessible.

The course will be presented in Vail, at the Chabad Jewish Center, on six consecutive Tuesdays beginning Nov. 11. The course will also be available in Edwards, at the Inn at Riverwalk, on six consecutive Wednesdays beginning Nov. 12. The course costs $80, but the first lesson free with no obligation.

Contact Dovid Mintz at [email protected], or 970.476.7887.
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