Chabad Jewish Center invites Somerset County residents to 'Be The Judge'

Posted Wednesday, Feb 4th, 2009 Somerset

A new approach to studying ancient Jewish wisdom: Other peoples have told their stories through music or monuments, or have expressed themselves in poetry and philosophy. But for over a thousand years, the most important cultural activity of the Jewish people has been the study of the Talmud, elevated to an art form, the pinnacle of their intellectual achievement.

In response to the incredibly successful turnout in 2006 for You Be The Judge, an interactive course allowing students to explore the Talmud's thinking about Civil Law, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is proud to launch You Be the Judge II.

Even students who did not attend You Be the Judge will enjoy this course, which includes six brand new case studies that allow participants to pit their wits against some of the best minds in history.

You Be the Judge II presents students with real cases brought before beit din, the court system of Jewish law, and compares Talmudic analysis with the contemporary approach taken in United States courts.
Topics include business ethics, property rights, and employment practices, and each lesson provides an opportunity to question, discuss, and argue, based on principle and precedent. You Be the Judge II allows attendees to challenge conventional notions of right and wrong, and experience firsthand the exhilarating mental exploration that characterizes traditional Talmud study.
This course will be offered at The Chabad Jewish Center for six Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. starting Feb. 10.
The course costs $80.
For more information, contact Rabbi Yitzchok Moully at (908) 604-8844, Ext. 229 or

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