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Posted Monday, Feb 9th, 2009
Calgary Herald

The application of timeless Jewish laws and wisdom in a contemporary legal world is the topic of a new course being offered by the Calgary chapter of the Jewish Learning Institute.

You Be the Judge II follows on the heels of the first interactive course of the same name, which was held in 2006.

It examines actual cases that were brought before "beit din," the court system of Jewish law, and compares the instructions given in the Talmud, the central source of Jewish law, ethics, customs and history, to modern legal thinking.

Rabbi Mordechai Groner will lead the Calgary class and he suggests it will be of interest to Jews and non-Jews alike.

"Participants don't have to be scholars of the law or be able to understand Aramaic or Hebrew," says Groner. "There are no pre-requisites other than come with an open mind."

Topics covered during the course's six weeks will include business ethics, property rights and employment practices. Each session will include time for lively discussion and debate.

"The course will allow participants to challenge conventional notions should have an open mind. of right and wrong and sample the exhilarating mental exploration that characterizes Talmudic study," adds Groner.

The course will be offered Tuesday evenings for six weeks, beginning Feb. 10, at the Calgary Chabad Lubavitch Centre, 28 523 Woodpark Blvd. S. W., and again on Wednesday mornings, starting Feb. 11, at the Calgary Jewish Centre, 1607 90th Ave. S. W.

Groner notes that those who would like to sample the course before signing up for the full six weeks are invited to register and attend the first session free of charge.

The Jewish Learning Institute is the adult education arm of the Chabad Lubavitch organization.

More information is available online at www.myjli.com or by calling 403-238-4880, ext. 111.

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