A Synergized Summer With JLI

Posted Friday, May 8th, 2009
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A Synergized Summer With JLI

When you have finally put away your shovels and boots... When summer means more to you than swimsuits and barbecues... When you finally have some time to reflect... How can you make the most of this opportune time?

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, creator of the highly popular Jewish Learning Institute series, has created an intensive, inspirational, and invigorating weeklong program featuring the best in Jewish thought and philosophy. Presented by the Jean Fischman Chabad Center, the Five Towns’ local JLI chapter, Rabbi Zalman Wolowik believes this to be the ultimate summer experience providing a complete three-dimensional program for body, mind, and soul. “We’re all searching for direction and insight during these trying times,” says Rabbi Wolowik, “and the Torah’s timeless messages grant us the perfect blend of encouragement, enrichment, and wisdom to guide us through life’s many challenges.”

Give yourself this gift of learning. From August 11 through August 16, you are invited to delve into a variety of topics, including marriage, Talmud, parenting, politics, biomedical engineering, and more, with such noted speakers as Rabbi Manis Friedman, Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik, Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, and Mrs. Sara Esther Crispe amongst the many brilliant minds leading philosophical discussions and relevant sessions. The dynamic lectures and interactive workshops are delivered by experts in the field of Torah study and interpersonal relationships, creating an opportunity for personal growth combined with spiritual fulfillment.

“Attendees compare the difference between a typical JLI course and this retreat to the difference between day camp and overnight camp,” explains director Rabbi Yoni Katz. “The distinctiveness of this week is that it is a total immersion experience. The impact of a complete Shabbat or the realization that someone is part of a much broader group is so much more powerful. People find others on the same journey as themselves and really connect to a larger community of learners.”

The children’s program will provide an equally enriching, though age-appropriate, program. And perhaps of foremost significance is the first-ever East-cost location chosen for this year’s retreat. The picturesque environs of Greenwich, Connecticut will lure you to relax on a hike or at a craft fair while enjoying recreation and camaraderie. The retreat features first-class accommodations and exquisite kosher cuisine, a synergy conducive to exploring text and tradition with master scholars and teachers. Visit www.jretreat.com or call 1-877-J-RETREAT to register or learn more.

The National Jewish Retreat is a project of the Jewish Learning Institute, a Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to bringing innovative adult Jewish education to the masses.

Published on 07/05/2009
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