JLI Offers Course on Lessons of the Holocaust

Posted Wednesday, Apr 28th, 2010
Jewish Press of Tampa

JLI offers course on lessons of the Holocaust

The Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), the adult education arm of Chabad-Lubavitch, is offering a six-session course on lessons of the Holocaust entitled “Beyond Never Again.”

The series, timed to coincide with Yom HaShoahm Holocaust Remembrance Day, will be taught for six consecutive weeks at Tampa Bay area Chabad centers beginning the week of April 25.

Although the program begins the same week around the nation, individual Chabad centers will determine the specific day and time at their location.

The sessions, premiering in 300 cities nationwide, will involve discussions on universal themes drawn from the Holocaust, including the nature of good and evil and ways to nurture empathy and conscience.

The sessions are open to everyone. The first session is offered free of charge, although there is a fee for the entire six-week course.

For information on times, places and fees, see the Jewish Learning Institute website, www.myjli.com or contact in the Tampa/Hillsborough County area:

• Rabbi Yossi Dubrowski, North Tampa: 287-1795

•Rabbi Mendi Dubrowski, South Tampa: 287-1795 • Rabbi Mendel Rubashkin, Brandon: 657-9393

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