Toward a Meaningful Life: A winter course at the AJLI

Posted Monday, Jan 31st, 2011
Mountain Xpress

by Margaret Williams

The Asheville Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) will launch its winter course, Toward a Meaningful Life: A Soul-Searching Journey for Every Jew. Rabbi Shaya Susskind will conduct the six-session course at The Chabad House beginning the week of February 8th.

Each session will examine the Torah’s perspective as well as life cycles, personal growth, relationships, home, work, and the role of G-d and faith in daily existence. Students will be invited to challenge their views and consider more meaningful approaches to these subjects.

“Life can be a treadmill as we go through the motions without asking why or seeking what really matters to us,” said Rabbi Susskind. “This course will give insight on traditional Torah thought to help discover where your true meaning lies and making it a part of your daily existence. You’ll see life as the mysterious, challenging, and satisfying wonder that it really is.”

Students can register for six Tuesday evenings starting February 8th, or for six Wednesday mornings starting February 9th. Students may alter between evening and morning classes. The $80 course fee includes textbooks and refreshments.

Toward a Meaningful Life, like all JLI’s courses, is designed for people at all levels of Jewish knowledge. Participants without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning are also encouraged to attend. All JLI courses are open to the public, and attendees do need not to be a member of any particular synagogue. Members of the media are invited to attend a local class and/or interview local course facilitators in advance. To arrange an interview, visit an upcoming class, register, or inquire for further information, please contact Rabbi Susskind at [email protected] or call 828.505.0746.

The Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) is the Adult Education arm of Chabad-Lubavitch Worldwide. JLI’s classes and programs are offered at over 300 locations around the globe. JLI classes have been attended by nearly 75,000 people since its inception in 1998. Every course offered by JLI is synchronized so that lessons are offered concurrently in all locations. This unique feature has helped to create a true global learning community.


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