JLI - Shabbat: An Oasis in Time

Posted Monday, May 9th, 2011

JLI - Shabbat an Oasis in Time - Why do we tend to focus on whats urgent instead of whats truly important?

Imagine. 24 hours of digital silence. No phones. No computers. No TV. Just valuable time with the people you love, to do all the things you have needed to do but never quite found the time for.

We invite you to explore the mystical, psychological, social, and cultural dimensions of Shabbat as we unlock a model for achieving balance and serenity in the modern age.

Over six weeks, we will uncover timeless principles for how to achieve a life of inner peace while making each workday more productive and fulfilling. Sign up today for a remarkable experience.
RSVP 495-0779
Location: Shabbos House
320 Fuller Rd Albany, NY 12203

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