Extreme Makeover – Divine Edition

Posted Friday, Jul 8th, 2011
Jewish Times of South Jersey

Two thousand years later, Jews still converge upon the Western Wall, the surviving remnant of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. However, while many have explored the politics and geography of Israel and the Temple Mount, few have explored the spiritual significance of the structures that stood on that mount for a millennium. 

This summer, Chabad at the Shore and the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute are proud to unveil Heaven on Earth, The divine edition of Extreme Makeover, a three- week interactive course that recreates the ancient Temples from the ground up.

“Many people wonder why the Western Wall is so important to Jewish people, why it is so close to our hearts,” explains Rabbi Avrohom Rapoport. “This summer, course participants will have the opportunity to look past the history and politics and see the magnificent structure that once was.

“By helping students envision and recreate the ancient Jewish Temples,” added Rapoport, “they will come away with a newfound appreciation for its historical significance.”

Heaven on Earth provides students with an explanation for the central role the Holy Temple plays in the Jews’ mission throughout history. To aid students in conceptualizing the ancient Temple, Heaven on Earth employs an interactive and innovative virtual tour that will allow students, for the very first time, to “walk through” the Temple’s ancient corridors, throng with the crowds through

Jerusalem’s gates, and discover the marvels of architecture and design that were integral to this sacred site.

Heaven on Earth will be offered at Chabad Ventnor Shul from 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. on three Sundays, starting on July 24. The fee is $ 45, which includes a student textbook and refreshments. “We are so sure that people will enjoy it” says Rapoport, “ that we invite anyone interested to attend the first lesson, with no obligation to continue.”

For information call 822- 8500 or email [email protected].

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