Reconciling Faith

Posted Saturday, Nov 2nd, 2013
Toledo City Paper

While modern medicine has improved the quality of life for most it has also raised religious questions.

Whether it is the question of prolonging life at the cost of pain, legalizing the sale of organs or abortion, it seems that nearly every option is morally questionable. Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas is a new six-week course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute that aims to show what the Torah and the Talmud have to teach about modern medicine.

The course will examine actual case studies, analyzing different view points while coming to grips with how to reconcile modern medicine and religion. There are three sessions for the six-week course which take place at either Chabad House of Toledo or Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick beginning on Sunday, October 27 and Tuesday, October 29.

$79 (textbook included). Chabad House of Toledo, 4020 Nantuckett Dr., Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, 1000 Jackson St.
To register and view a full class schedule, call 419-843-9393 or visit

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