Women to explore love and marriage at Chabad of Hunterdon

Posted Monday, Nov 17th, 2014

 CLINTON TWP. — The intricacies of love have been contemplated through the ages.

Now, a seven-session series called SoulMates will explore love, marriage and intimacy from a Jewish perspective.

The course will be taught at Chabad of Hunterdon at 90 Beaver Ave. in Annandale.

The program is being launched by the Rosh Chodesh Society — the women’s sisterhood of Hunterdon.

SoulMates draws upon millennia of Jewish wisdom, from the mystical to the down-to-earth, and is for women of all ages and walks of life. The course will delve into a diverse array of Jewish sources—biblical, Talmudic, halachic, Kabbalistic, and Chasidic — weaving together the philosophical, the spiritual and the practical.

“Anyone who attends this course will leave every session not only inspired, but with tangible, concrete tools to enhance their relationship,” said Rachel Kornfeld, Director of Rosh Chodesh Society of Hunterdon and facilitator for the upcoming course. “Whether they are currently married, considering someday tying the knot, or simply seeking to better understand the spiritual root of love and marriage, SoulMates will forever change how they think about marriage, in all its beauty and complexity.”

The course will be taught once per month for seven consecutive months and is designed for women at all levels of Jewish knowledge.

“Today, the timeless teachings of our 3,000-year-old tradition on love and marriage are more relevant than ever,” Kornfeld said. “This course will challenge us to think deeply about ourselves and our relationships and give us practical tools to enhance them. It will allow us to see marriage in a whole new light and experience it with new meaning.”

"I enjoy going to Rosh Chodesh for a couple of reasons," said Lea Goldberg of Flemington. "It is a great course that looks at many different Jewish topics but from a women's perspective and how you can incorporate them into your life. And with such a diverse group of women attending class of all ages and affiliation you see a sense of community coming together to learn and talk about so many different ideas and how we interpret the different topics individually."

“I always leave the class with some new knowledge and feel inspired to act or live differently - incorporate the new information into my life," said Stephanie Mraz, also of Flemington. "I love the connections I get to make to other Jewish women in the community. And most of all I love learning from Rachel. She always makes the lesson relatable to our lives and she makes us all feel welcome to ask inquire learn in a non-judgmental environment.”

Elana Korn believes that some of the best lessons a woman can learn in life are from other women. At RCS, "we discuss subjects that are sometimes hard to speak about openly. But with the diverse women that attend, we can explore those topics fearlessly, speak our minds as well as learn from one another," she said. 

“It is 7 p.m. and the dishes need to be cleared from dinner, it is a cold blistery night, it has already been dark for two hours (daylight savings), and all I can think of is getting into my PJs. But it is Rosh Chodesh and as hard as it is to leave the comforts of my own warm home I head out to the Chabad," said Ilene Kaplan, who lives in Clinton.

For more information on SoulMates and schedule of classes visit jewishhunterdon.com.

The SoulMates program begins Sunday, Nov. 23 at 7:30 p.m. Call 908-238 9002 or email Rachel for more information.

Source: nj.com

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