Rohr Jewish Learning Institute to explore Six-Day War

Posted Thursday, May 4th, 2017

 The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute of Cleveland will host “Survival of a Nation: Exploring Israel Through the Lens of the Six-Day War,” a six-session course by Rabbi Shmuli Friedman, director of the JLI. The course is offered beginning at 7:30 p.m. May 9 or beginning at 10:30 a.m. May 10 at the JLI, 25400 Fairmount Blvd. in Beachwood.

Friedman said the primary goal of the course is to open up the conversation and allow for a broader understanding of the primary issues that Israel faces today, and the secondary goal was to create a deeper sense of connection in the personal relationship between the Jewish people of Cleveland and Israel.

“The way in which we hope to do that is focus on some of the primary issues and present all of the viewpoints, the popular and well-known viewpoints as well as the lesser-known, more intricate viewpoints,” Friedman said. “We want people who attend the course to understand each of these issues on a very broad basis and have a very good grasp of all the different angles that are taken on some of these issues, and hopefully that helps broaden the minds of the students on how to approach some of these topics and the possibilities for resolution, if there are any, and certainly a greater appreciation for the challenges our brothers and sisters in the holy land face.”

Each class runs 90 minutes, with guided and free discussions as well as multimedia presentations. Friedman said students should expect to be both listening to new ideas and discussing their thoughts and reactions.

The course costs $79 per person, although there are discounts available if people sign up at the same time.

The Cleveland Jewish News is a sponsor of the course.

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