Series Offers Insights Into Jewish History

Posted Friday, Nov 10th, 2017

 Rabbi Doron Aizenman has been a busy man since starting Chabad of Myrtle Beach on Oak Street in Myrtle Beach many years ago.

And now, he’s taken on another role to add to his long list of responsibilities—teacher.
Every Thursday afternoon, Rabbi Aizenman will be presenting the national Jewish Learning Institute’s “Great Debates in Jewish History.”
The program takes a look at some of the most important milestones in Jewish history, in a format that lends itself to debate among participants, something Aizenman says makes for a more interesting class.
Though he has spent a lifetime studying the Jewish religion, he still had to go through a training course through the JLI to learn their system.
“It was quite an intensive learning process,” Aizenman laughed.
The first session dealt with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, “the most important discovery of the last century,” according to Aizenman.
The class meets each Thursday at 4 p.m. at Chabad Academy at 2803 Oak Street in Myrtle Beach. It’s open to everyone, Jewish and non-Jewish.

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