Hebrew Reading Crash Course Offered

Posted Friday, Jul 13th, 2018

 A new, cutting-edge, Hebrew-reading crash course is taking the Jewish world by storm. The flashcard based language course developed by the Jewish Learning Institute, promises users that they can learn to read Hebrew in only four weeks if they follow the program.

Beginning Monday, July 30, at 8 p.m., Rabbi Yosef Zaklos director of Chabad of Downtown Boston, will conduct the four sessions of the new course, Read it in Hebrew at Chabad of Downtown Boston, 16 Piedmont St.

“With the High Holidays just around the corner, we find people sometimes feel lost at synagogue services held annually at the W Boston Hotel, because they don’t know how to read Hebrew,” Zaklos said. “We have found that learning how to read Hebrew strengthens one’s feeling of connection to Judaism in a powerful way. ‘Read it in Hebrew’ fills a tremendous need.” Already a hit with communities around the world, “Read it in Hebrew” has been tried successfully in over 150 Chabad Houses, camps, and schools enabling over 1,000 students to read Hebrew.

The first two lessons of “Read it in Hebrew” focus on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet while the last two lessons introduce vowels and teach students how to read words. With flashcards portraying the letters alongside catchy mnemonics that make the information memorable and easy to digest, “Read in Hebrew” allows students to absorb information quickly and efficiently.

In addition to reading skills, students get a glimpse into the holiness and depth of the Hebrew language, including brief kabalistic explanations of the Hebrew letters.

Interested students may call 617-297-7282 or visit www.ChabadDB.org/Hebrew for registration and for other course-related information.


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