Religion Briefs: Chabad's new meditation course starts Monday

Posted Saturday, Feb 5th, 2022

Rabbi Peretz Kazen, of Chabad in Baton Rouge, will lead "Meditation from Sinai," a new six-session course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, starting Monday.

The course explores the nature of Jewish meditation and the profound benefits it can bring to one’s daily life, according to a news release.

Participants will be instructed in what Jewish meditation is, the pivotal role it plays in Jewish tradition, and the fundamental ideas it is based on. The course will teach crucial life tools that help one respond effectively to negative thoughts and emotions, recognize the value of each new moment, and find purpose and spirituality even in life's most mundane tasks.

“Not many people think of meditation as a Jewish thing,” Kazen said. “when in reality, Judaism has a rich and authentic tradition of meditative practices that, when implemented, can truly transform one’s life for the better.”

The course is accredited in Louisiana for mental health professionals seeking to fulfill their continuing education requirements (nine CEU credits).

Like all JLI programs, this course is designed to appeal to people at all levels of knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. The courses are open to the public.

Sessions will be offered in-person at 11 a.m. and over Zoom at 7 p.m., both on Mondays.

Those interested can call (225) 267-7047 or visit for registration and other course-related information.

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