What can speak but has no words?

Posted Friday, Feb 24th, 2023

Give up?

The answer is music.

Music can speak in ways that words alone do not.

Just think of the first concert you ever went to. Or that angsty band you discovered in tenth grade that blew your mind and changed your life . . . or at least it gave you a soundtrack that, when you hear it today, brings you back to those exact experiences.

This is true even of music with lyrics: a song will take you to places an essay seldom could.

This winter South Florida will be treated to JUDAISM: THE SOUNDTRACK, a musical experience exploring the “nigun,” or Chasidic melody, beyond its soulful sound.

As Rabbi Shneur Zalman, founder of Chabad Chasidic philosophy, taught: “Music is the pen of the soul.”

Participants will listen to the story of their soul in its own words, to the feelings—of love or longing, of devotion or despair—that express the complicated relationship between a spiritual soul and a material world.

The ninety minutes of pure delight, featuring: Rousing music Inspiring, visual accompaniment, Meditative commentary, High-caliber production and a Pre-event L’Chaim & Wine Tasting

What kind of learner are you? Visual? Auditory? Or do you prefer to read and write?

Did you know that one of the most profound methods of learning is to experience?

Participants at JUDAISM: THE SOUNDTRACK will discover fascinating and fundamental Jewish concepts by embarking on a journey through the world of Jewish song. It will not be a typical informational class. It is experiential, and that is what will make it so unique and unforgettable, transforming your life for the better.

Through rousing melodies, captivating videos and visuals, and practical Jewish concepts, this event will be sure to inspire you and those you care about, creating lasting memories with them.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect to friends and family through an enjoyable and meaningful evening of song, storytelling, and meditation. Although no musical talent required, it’s suggested to come with an open mind, an open heart, and ready to have a great time.

Chasidic music is the beat behind the wisdom and inspiration of Chasidic thought. Each piece that we will explore together is packed with nuance, depth, and history that will inform your mind and speak to your heart.

It will be an evening of immersive musical experience, featuring Jewish Chasidic melodies, fascinating narratives, and motivational messages brought to Miami by the Michale Ann Russle Jewish Community Center, Chabad Chayil and the acclaimed Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI).

Judaism: The Soundtrack will be presented at the Alan & Diane Lieberman Theater in the MAR-JCC in North Miami Beach on Monday, Feb 27, 7:30pm with an option to say l’chaim before the program on some spectacular wines! Participants will discover the enthralling world of Chasidic melody and the deep spiritual meaning behind its tunes. Inspiring visuals, captivating stories, and rousing song will work in harmony with Chasidic wisdom to create a spectacular production that will touch the heartstrings and elevate the spirit.

These Chasidic melodies are like no other. They tell a soul-stirring story about life’s purpose and what truly matters in this world. There is so much that can be learned from these moving tunes and I look forward to sharing these transformative teachings with residents of South Florida.

Like all JLI programs, this event is designed to appeal to people at all levels of knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. All JLI programs are open to the public, and attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or other house of worship.

More information and reservations are at ChabadChayil.org/Soundtrack

About the author:
Rabbi Kievman together with his wife are the ambassadors of The Rebbe to Highland Lakes, FL. They are the founders of Gan Chabad Preschool, your local CTeen & CKids chapters, CHAP – an afterschool program for Jewish children in Public Schools and direct Chabad Chayil. He’s the rabbi at The Family Shul and can be reached at (305) 770-1919 or [email protected]

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