Judaism on Dreams, Astrology, Demons and Ghosts

Posted Tuesday, Apr 18th, 2023

This new Jewpernatural course will offer some of Judaism’s answers on dreams, astrology, demons, and ghosts. Paranormal beliefs are rising fast. In 2016, 46% of Americans reported believing in ghosts, according to Chapman University. That figure has reached 57%, and since the pandemic, one in five Americans say they’ve personally met a ghost. And it’s not just ghosts; topics like astrology, dream interpretation and psychic abilities are rapidly becoming mainstream.

Although the resurgence of public interest in the paranormal is new, Rabbi Yisroel Freeman of the Chabad Center of Sudbury says we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Starting May 2, he will be leading a four-week course from the Jewish Learning Institute entitled
“Jewpernatural” that unearths the Jewish perspective on dreams, astrology, spirits,and other enduring mysteries.

The trend toward the paranormal encompasses a broad spectrum of beliefs, including jinxes, demons, spirits, communicating with the deceased and astrology. To satisfy this curiosity, Jewpernatural addresses everything from the role of angels and the efficacy of the “evil eye” to whether the stars have much to say about your future.

The course is open to the wider community and like all of our courses no background knowledge is required. The course will be offered online and in person and will run for four Tuesday evenings starting May 2.

Interested students can see more detailed information on this course at www.chabadsudbury.com/jewper. You may also call 978-443-0110 or email [email protected].

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