Jewish Learning Institute course

Posted Thursday, Apr 20th, 2023

Longmeadow - Starting Wednesday, May 3, Rabbi Wolff will lead a four-week course from the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) intitled “Jewpernatural” that will address the Jewish perspective on dreams, astrology, sprits, and other enduring mysteries. The new course will address the anxiety driving interest in the paranormal. The trend toward the paranormal encompasses a broad spectrum of beliefs, including jinxes, demons, spirtis, communitcating with the deceased, and astrology. To satisfy this curiosity, “Jewpernatural,” address everything from the role of angels and the efficacy of the “evil eye,” to whether the stars have much to say about your future. Cost to attend is $100 a person. Interested students may call Rabbi Wolff at 413-348-4978 or visit to register or to access other course-related information. “Jewpernatural” will be offered live at Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy, 1148 Converse St and on Zoom. “Jewpernatural” will also be offered beginning on Thursday, May 4 at the law offices of James Smith, 1331 Main St., Springfield for four consecutive weeks.

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