Learn why AI will not replace humans

Posted Thursday, Oct 5th, 2023

Upcoming Chabad course features author of “Practical Kabbalah”

Artificial Intelligence – AI – is an increasingly growing part of our lives. It’s in our cars, airplanes, ovens, cell phones, “automated” security systems, online chats, banking, voice customer service lines, all internet search engines – like Bing, Google and Safari – and much more.

What is alarming is that projected developing stages of AI raise concerns of taking away our human freedoms of free choice, governance, feelings, thinking, jobs and more.

“Once AI can improve itself, which may be not more than a few years away, and could in fact already be here now, we have no way of knowing what the AI will do or how we can control it,” wrote Tamlyn Hunt in Scientific American, May 25, 2023.

“This is because superintelligent AI (which by definition can surpass humans in a broad range of activities) will – and this is what I worry about the most – be able to run circles around programmers and any other human by manipulating humans to do its will; it will also have the capacity to act in the virtual world through its electronic connections, and to act in the physical world through robot bodies.”

This occurrence is known as the “control problem” or the “alignment problem.”

The Kabbalah – the mystical dimension of the Torah – has absolute clarity in defining the incursion of AI into our lives.

Rabbi Laibl Wolf, author of “Practical Kabbalah,” will lecture on “Artificial Intelligence: Why Robots and Machines Can Never Displace Humans” on Sunday, Oct. 15, at 8 p.m., at Chabad Outreach of Houston, 11000 Fondren Rd.

Rabbi Wolf, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a lawyer, educational psychologist, Orthodox rabbi and expert on Jewish mysticism and meditation,

The rabbi will present Kabbalistic mystical teachings in layman terms that are so compelling that the fears and concerns will be transformed to an appreciation.

Light refreshments will be served. Register in advance at chabadoutreach.org/NotAI or call 713-774-0300. One also may pay at the door.

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An upcoming Jewish Learning Institute course, “The World of Kabbalah,” begins the week of Oct. 29, at Chabad Houses in the Greater Houston area. Register at chabadoutreach.org/jli.

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