Enter ‘The World of Kabbalah’

Posted Thursday, Oct 26th, 2023

For centuries, the Torah’s most mystical and esoteric concepts were reserved for the greatest scholars who live sacred lifestyles. In the 15th century, perhaps the most famous kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchok Luria – the Arizal – argued that specifically, the mystical dimension of the Torah has the power to awaken and nourish the Jewish soul to withstand trials and challenges of hard times.

Today, there is a widespread thirst for this wisdom. Study of Kabbalah is especially important now, during these extremely difficult war times in Israel and antisemitism around the world.

In six lessons, the newest offering from the Jewish Learning Institute will begin with the concept of Hishtalshelut, the chain of Creation and spiritual worlds, and then progress to higher and higher realities.

Each lesson will reveal in detail how each of these levels exists and are mirrored within each individual and provide mystically based guidance for living happier, productive and more meaningful lives.

“The Evolution of Ego” covers the spiritual links between G-d’s initial plan and our physical universe. These insights can help avoid making rash decisions and cultivate habits for intentional living.

“The Dawn of Limitation” describes the Divine realm of G-d’s 10 sefirot and how these correspond to the powers of the soul. Knowing one’s soul’s source helps clarify one’s unique purpose and guides in maximizing strengths and managing weaknesses.

In “The Infinite Light,” one learns how G-d’s Infinite Light unites diverse sefirot. By emulating these concepts, one can overcome human differences and build harmonious relationships.

“The World of Chaos,” covering the primordial spiritual universe of Tohu and the spiritual roots of inner moral conflict, provides insights to harnessing one’s negative qualities to achieve fulfillment.

“The Great Concealment” covers the process of tzimtzum, how G-d conceals His infinity to create our reality. This knowledge can empower a person to find growth potential in life’s darkest moments.

In “The Essence of Everything,” the reality that precedes everything is the Essence of the Divine Self. Glimpse into the deepest motivations and ultimate purpose of the human self.

You are invited to join a community of like-minded individuals to gain hard-to-find clarity on some of Kabbalah’s insights. Learn Kabbalah’s teachings firsthand, and no previous Jewish learning is required.

Go to myJLI.com for dates, locations and registration. 

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