Shul of Bellaire to lead trip to Israel

Posted Thursday, Feb 1st, 2024

The Shul of Bellaire’s Rabbi Yossi and Esty Zaklikofsky are leading a Solidarity Trip to Israel April 1-7. The exclusive trip, in conjunction with the national Jewish Learning Institute’s “Land and Spirit” program, aims to foster unity and connection, creating a lasting impact on participants’ hearts, minds and souls.

Some of the trip highlights will include:

• Standing in solidarity with Israel by visiting soldiers on the front lines, former hostages and communities affected by the war.

• Learning about Israel in the present by connecting with key figures, such as chief rabbis, military leaders and prominent political figures, gaining an insider’s perspective on Israel post-Oct. 7.

• Creating solidarity beyond borders, the trip is more than a mere tour; it’s a meaningful expression of solidarity. Participants will engage in hands-on volunteer opportunities that contribute to the local community, demonstrating a commitment to supporting and uplifting the people of Israel.

• For a premium experience, participants will enjoy a seamless journey from arrival to departure, with dedicated concierge service. Experience the utmost in comfort with first-class accommodations at luxurious hotels, indulge in five-star gourmet cuisine and engage in the finest educational and entertainment offerings that Israel has to offer.

“We generally visit Israel with the intention of taking in the wonder that is Israel, its beauty, history and most importantly its spirituality,” said Rabbi Zaklikofsky. “In a post-Oct. 7 Israel, it’s different. We’re going first and foremost to give, to show up for our brothers and sisters, to say we’re here for you, you’re not alone and to show support in every way we can. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

To secure a spot, make an online reservation as soon as possible. For more details or to register, go to and use code “JewishBellaire24” to join the Houston-area group.

Seize this opportunity to experience Israel’s essence and contribute to strengthening global bonds. Reserve your spot today for a transformative journey of unity and shared responsibility.

For more information, contact Rabbi Zaklikofsky at 713-839-8887 or [email protected].

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