Israel Course Offered At Wellington Jewish Center

Posted Friday, Oct 19th, 2007
Towne Crier Online (Wellington, FL)

Israel Course Offered At Wellington Jewish Center

Israel — the land that has captured the imagination of generations. Many have explored the politics and geography of Israel, but few have explored the soul of the land. This November, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is set to unveil an intriguing new course at more than 250 affiliates across the globe, including the Wellington Jewish Center. JLI courses are presented in Wellington under the auspices of Chabad of Wellington’s Rabbi Mendy Muskal. Unlike other courses that are concerned primarily with the modern State of Israel or its ancient history, “The Land and the Spirit” focuses on the mystery of the deep bond so many people feel for the land of Israel.

“Many people love their homes and their countries, but once they relocate, that love begins to fade,” Muskal said. “Yet no matter where they have lived, Jews have continued to dream about the land of Israel. ‘The Land and the Spirit’ looks to answer why that dream has persisted across borders and generations.”

“The Land and the Spirit” provides students with an explanation for the central role the Holy Land plays in the Jews’ mission throughout history. The course explains what it means for a land to be holy, and the implications this has for the people living within that land. “The Land and the Spirit” also explores the relationship that Jews in the Diaspora maintain with Israel despite their place of residence.

“Whatever their political bent, people all across the globe have an opinion about Israel, whether positive or negative,” Muskal continued. “Whether people feel hope or despair, pride or concern, people care about Israel. By probing the spiritual connection Jews have with the Holy Land, we hope our students will come away with appreciation for why Israel matters so much to them.”

This exciting new course will be offered at the Wellington Jewish Center for six Wednesdays, starting Oct. 31. The course costs $99 per person and $180 per couple, which includes a beautiful student textbook. “We are so sure that people will enjoy it,” Muskal said, “that we invite anyone interested to attend the first lesson free, with no obligation.”

What can students gain by attending “The Land and the Spirit?” A chance to explore the spirit of a land that has pulsed with energy and mystery since the dawn of time. A chance to understand a land that has captured our imagination throughout history, a land that breathes with the glory of the past and the dreams of the future. And a chance to examine what Israel was meant to be and what Israel means today.

To book a visit to an upcoming class or for more info., call Rabbi Muskal at (561) 333-4663. The Wellington Jewish Center is located at 12785 W. Forest Hill Blvd. in the Wellington Plaza.

The Jewish Learning Institute is the adult education arm of Chabad-Lubavitch. JLI’s classes and programs, now offered in over 300 locations in over 250 cities nationwide, as well as international locations, have been attended by nearly 75,000 people since JLI’s creation in 1998. Many others participate virtually through online message boards and other Internet-based channels.

Every course offered by the JLI is synchronized so that lessons are offered concurrently in all locations. This unique feature sets JLI apart from other similar programs and has helped create a true global learning community. Visit for more information.

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