To combat disconnect, Israel class free for young adults

Posted Friday, Oct 26th, 2007
Jewish Review (Portland, OR)

To combat disconnect, Israel class free for young adults

By Jewish Review

Just weeks after the release of a recent study that found only half of American Jews under the age of 35 are comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute announced a new six-week course—to be offered at 750 locations around the world including Portland—that focuses on the millennia-old spiritual bond between Jews and Israel.

In order to connect young Jews with their heritage, JLI has announced that the course will be offered free to participants under 30 years old. Students younger than 30 will pay only for their textbook—a minimal fee of $25.
“Regardless of one’s current stance on Israel, this course will be an important way for our community to join together in open and respectful discourse about an issue central to our Jewish identity,” said Rabbi Motti Wilhelm, JLI Portland director. “We urge every member of the community to attend ‘Israel: The Land and the Spirit.'”
The groundbreaking course begins in Portland Oct. 30. Unlike previous Israel-focused courses that have traditionally covered the history and politics of the State of Israel, “The Land and the Spirit” explores the nature of the deep spiritual bond that has existed between the Jewish people and the land of Israel throughout the ages.
“Israel: The Land and the Spirit”  will be offered locally at three locations. In Portland’s SW at the Jewish Learning Institute 6686 SW Capitol Hwy. for six Wednesdays, starting Oct. 31. In Portland’s SE at 510 SE 30th Ave. for six Tuesdays, starting Oct. 30. In Lake Oswego at the Crowne Plaza hotel 14811 Kruse Oaks Dr. for six Tuesdays, starting Oct. 30.
The fee for those 30 and older is $100, which includes the textbook.
For more information, contact Wilhelm at 503-381-7119 or [email protected].

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