Spirited lecture starts new JLI programme

Posted Friday, Nov 9th, 2007
THE Jewish Learning Institute's education programme has arrived in Leeds.

The six-week series, titled The Land and the Spirit, examines what Israel was meant to be and what it means today.

More than 20 people attended the first lecture at the Leeds Lubavitch Centre, which involved a lively discussion on why we care about Israel and what it means to our lives.

After an introduction from JLI chairman John Goodwin, course organiser Rabbi Eli Pink discussed the life of Abraham and how he was connected to the land.

A slideshow was shown and the lecture ended with a short video on the city of the week - Beer Sheva.

Rabbi Pink said: "The JLI programme is very professional and innovative and they use cutting-edge resources.

"The course is geared towards anyone - no prior knowledge of Judaism is necessary.

"At a time when Israel is constantly in the news, the course presents a wonderful opportunity for people to get behind the headlines and understand the land that is our heritage.

Five further sessions take place at the Leeds Lubavitch Centre every Tuesday.

Next week's lecture is titled Holy Land and examines what makes Israel so special.

For info visit www.myJLI.com or call Rabbi Pink 07875 320 344.

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