Jewish Marriage Prep

What every Jewish Couple Needs to Know

This comprehensive set of meeting notes includes everything you’ll want to say to a new couple about Jewish marriage—and in a tone they’ll be receptive to.

This course was created in accordance with the Rebbe’s guidance and in consultation with Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin.

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Format: Jewish Marriage Prep comprises five conversations: two meetings with shliach, shlucha, choson and kallah, two between shluchah and kallah, and one between shliach and choson.

Audience: These talking points address the expectations and concerns of a couple who has agreed to go to the mikvah before their wedding but is not committed to practicing taharas hamishpacha long term.*

Details: These meetings strike a delicate balance, combining marriage counseling, practical halachos, a discussion of intimacy, and more, to present Jewish marriage as a holistic package where taharas hamishpacha goes hand in hand with the joyful work of creating a happy Jewish home.

*For more observant couples, pair these talking points with sections of Kitzur Dinei Taharah or Dr. Deena Zimmerman’s A Lifetime Companion to the Laws of Jewish Family Life.

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