Mashiach Series – Techiyas Hameisim

Techiyas Hameisim:
1. Flesh over Spirit
2. Discovering Your Deepest Self
3. Quantum Leap

Techiyas Hameisim - Student Book

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Course Outline

Lesson 1
Flesh over Spirit
What the Resurrection Tells Us about Life. Today

When thinking about the End of Days and the ultimate reward due to us all, what vision do you see? A spiritual utopia or a material la-la land? Great minds have debated this in the past; a twisting journey leads us to the eventual counterintuitive conclusion: it’s all about the body, not the soul. This class explores the reason why.

Lesson 2
Discovering Your Deepest Self
Why We Care for the Things We Care For

Humans have long cherished logic and reason, always looking for explanations and patterns and rejecting randomness and ignorance. But can reason alone suffice as the basis for everything we do and care about? Of course not! Belief in the Resurrection lends us a window into our deepest self.

Lessons 3
Quantum Leap
Building on Past Success Isn’t Always the Answer
One day, all those who have passed will return . . . only to die again. Why? Because sometimes, the only way to truly take things to the next level is to forget about everything that came before it. A journey into the secret of true growth.

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