National Jewish Retreat 2016 – Audio Collection


Collection of 85 audio lectures from some of the best Jewish presenters alive today. Recorded at the National Jewish Retreat 2016 in Palm Springs, CA.

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Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman • Mrs. Menucha Schochet • Rabbi David Aaron • Professor Jeffrey Woolf • Rabbi Berel Bell • Rabbi YY Jacobson • Mrs. Molly Resnick • Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie • Rabbi Moshe Bryski • Mrs. Laurie Lans • Rabbi Benjamin Blech • Professor Lawrence Schiffman • Rabbi Zalman Abraham • Mrs. Sorele Brownstein • Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman • Mr. David Sacks • Mr. Michael A. Helfand • Mr. Martin Pritikin • Hon. Andrew Kauffman • Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky • Rabbi Yisrael Deren • Rabbi Herschel Lazaroff • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff • Mrs. Mary Cramer • Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson • Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik • Mrs. Holly Cohen • Lt. Laurie Lans • Mrs. Dina Hurwitz • Mrs. Myrna Zisman • Mrs. Barbara Hines • Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson • Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet • Rabbi Chaim Hanoka • Rabbi Chaim Block • Rabbi Simon Jacobson • Rabbi Dov Greenberg • Mr. Dennis Prager • Taylor Gershberg • Ben Suster • Rabbi Burt Seigel • Mr. Robert Cait • Rabbi Yosef Shusterman


Twelve Years A Cave: A Literary Analysis of Midrash • Your Soul: Getting Aquainted • “I Contact”: Secrets to Self-Mastery, Happiness, and Sacred Self-Worth • Meet the Ashkenazim: They’re Not Who You Think • Maimonides: Daily Study of Rambam • Family Feud: Can’t We All Just Get Along? • Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? The Fetus’s Rights in Jewish Law • From Hollywood to Holy Wood • The Rebbe’s Five Big Ideas that Transformed Jewish Life • The Joy (and Oy) of Being a Jew • The More Things Change: The Fascinating Development of Jewish Law • Grave Matters: Autopsy, Body Donation, and Jewish Law • My Outreach in War Torn Countries • Marriage: The Comedy and the Kabalah of Marriage • Judaism and Christianity: How We Differ and Why • Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Dead Sea Scrolls • Meditation Recipe Book: Contemplative Technologies of the Chabad Rebbes • Crossfire • Destiny Is Calling: Don’t Miss Your Mission • Demons and Dragons and German Hassidim • The Making of a Heroine: Why I Wrote The Gilded Cage • Medical Crossfire: Answering Your Questions on Jewish Medical Ethics • Sojourns in Hollywood • The Jewish Pathology: “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide!” • Religious liberty issues in the US • The G-d-Powered Life: How to Find “You-topia” • What’s the Deal with the Temple Mount? • Good-bye Ebola, Hello Zika: Jewish Legal Ramifications of the Latest Global Epidemic • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? • The People v. Joseph’s Brothers • Food Fraud: Good Nutrition in the 21st Century • Looking Back to the Future • Jewish Hero Award • Ten Talks • Creation for Mummies, Dummies, and Nudniks • Jews and Politics: Who Should I Vote For? • Make Your Story a Masterpiece • The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Origins of Christianity • How Israel Raises a Multi-Cultural Army • Personal Encounters Panel • 7 Foods for 7 Habits • Mind Management: Coping with Stress and Anxiety • Women of the World • The Pursuit of Happiness • Before the Shoah: Jewish Responses to Adversity • Living on Purpose: Choose Joy Now! • The Great Latke vs. Hamantash Debate • King David: Ruler, Warrior, Poet, and Scholar • How Is G-d Relevant in 2016? • My Life as a Mossad Agent in Russia • Beruriah Revisited: Feminism and Judaism • The Legacy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe: The Infinite Value of the Individual Jew • Crossfire • Jews in Islamic Countries: The Historical Relationship of Two World Faiths • Dear Rabbi: A Clergyman’s Perspective on the Toughest Medical Quandaries • From the KGB to Putin—The Rebirth of Russian Jewry • In G-d we Trust? • Banquet address by two students, members of the Sinai Scholars Society • Climbing YOUR Mountain • Harvesting Organs from Clones? • The Lubavitcher Rebbe and non Jews • The Future of Israel and Zionism • A Positive Picture: The Rebbe & The Rav • Navigating the Stormy Seas of Life • From Reform Rabbi to Chabad and the Detours Between • “Jewish History and Mystical Prophecies: How Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah Predicted Major Events of the Past—and the Future” • The Modern Mystical Movement: Three Centuries of Chassidim • Yizkor: Between Here and There • Crossfire • Red, White, and Blue Jew: A U.S. Navy Officer—A Rabbi’s Wife • How to Know and Feel G-d in Our Everyday Lives • Urban Spying: The Ethics of Privacy In A Modern Society • What the Rebbe Said May Surprise you • The Power of One to Break Addiction • Highlight of his hilarious comedy presentation • Be a Leader. Be a Hero. Be Yourself! • Getting Your Prayers Answered: Making Prayer Meaningful • The Biblical Archaeological Expeditions of Vendyl Jones • Jewish Medical Ethics Update 2016: Questions Raised by New and Emerging Technologies • There’s a Tribe Inside: Discovering our Inner Parts and How to Achieve Wholeness • Why does G-d Let Good People Suffer? • 5 fascinating Halachic dilemmas • Crossfire • Rediscovering the Fascinating Revolt of Bar Kokhba • Closing remarks


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