Prepping for Passover

Everything You Need to Know to Master the Seder

Includes a teacher’s manual and PPT.


The aim of this lesson is to connect with people who may be attending a Seder with you, their own friends and family, or even the lone person conducting their own Seder at home, and prepare them for the Seder. Students should emerge from this lesson with a better understanding of what is done at the Seder, as well as a greater appreciation of its importance and meaning.

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Is it three cups of wine and four matzot, or the other way around? How many questions are there, and why is this meal so, so long? If you’ve ever wondered about the ins and outs of the Passover seder—this class is for you. Discover the background, meaning, and all the know-how you’ll need to ace this year’s seder—be it with friends, at the rabbi’s house, or even by yourself at home.


    Included with the lesson:

  • A Teacher’s Manual that we will mail to you.
  • PowerPoint with highly relevant images.
  • Marketing materials.
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