Requests for Sources (#14)


  • Layman Logic vs Rabbinic Rigor: How seriously do we take the saying, daas baale baatim hepech daas Torah? To what degree should parents be involved in the decision making process of school administrations? 
  • When G-d was Exiled: What is the source and meaning of the radical idea that has given so much comfort: galu l’Edom, shechinah imahem? 
  • Giyur k’Halacha and Women’s Tevilah: Must a Beis Din of men be fully present, or is it sufficient that they hear the sounds of her immersion? 
  • Is the Torah Green? Recycling. Climate change. Ecosystem preservation. Are any of these concepts discussed in the Torah? Are the ideals behind them the same ideals that enliven Jewish learning and living? Is a ‘Jewish environmentalist’ an oxymoron or a role model? An ancient religion meets a 21st century movement.
  • What is the correct practice regarding raising one’s voice while reciting the kedushah of uva letzion

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