Requests for Sources (#18)


  • Breathing Space – Many breathing exercises are techniques recommended by health care professionals to manage anxiety. But some of these are practiced by Eastern religions that are associated with idolatry. Are there breathing practices that are sourced in Kabbalah or Chassidus that are Kosher? 
  • A Father’s Pain, a Child’s Secret – The joyous reunion of Yaakov and Yosef, a father and son separated for over twenty years, is shadowed by a powerful question: why did Yosef not tell Yaakov he was alive? He was the viceroy of Egypt, the second most powerful man in the land – surely he could have told Yaakov that he lived? How could he let his father anguish in sorrow for no apparent reason? 
  • Blessing a Pretzel – The twisty curves of the Pretzel befuddles the mind with its simple query: what Brochah do you make on me? Learn the correct Brochah for a Pretzel.
  • Where is Israel? – With the current crises in Israel, knowing the exact boundaries the Torah set for Ertetz Yisroel has never been more crucial, and has never been more difficult. Where are those borders now? How are we to find those lands on modern maps? Where are the three lands that were promised as an inheritance to us when Moshiach comes?
  • Legend of a Cookie – The Purim cookie. Three corners, folded to swathe a filling. Supposedly it is named after the wicked Haman from the Purim story. How is this cookie reminiscent of the wicked Haman?

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