Simple Truths

This course, prepared for Rosh Chodesh Society, covers the 12 pesukim and is suitable for all genders!

Life is complicated and, like a ship being tossed about by a raging sea, we often struggle to stay above water amidst the chaos. We constantly wrestle with questions surrounding family, relationships, career, and identity, questions about how to be more successful and fulfilled; how to be happier; how to stay focused on what’s important; how to align ourselves with our true values. Yet, in life’s turbulent waters, it’s easy to lose our sense of direction.

Simple Truths, a new seven-part course for women, explores twelve foundational core beliefs and perspectives of Judaism. They are insights that anchor us, empower us, and guide us in times of doubt and uncertainty; that nourish our inner oasis of calm and stability; that give us the confidence and know-how to navigate life’s most difficult challenges.

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