Secrets of Kefitzas Ha-Derech


In 1903 professor Simon Newcomb argued that human flight was a “mathematical impossibility,” but that same year, the Wright Brothers successfully launched the first powered airplane.

Having your travel route shortened and arriving at your destination almost momentarily is known in Biblical terms as Kefitzas Ha-derech. It may be “naturally impossible,” but miracles do happen! From Avraham to the Baal Shem Tov, some of our greatest heroes experienced this firsthand.

Read this paper to explore this fantastic feat, its history and halachic ramifications. Have a safe trip!

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In recent decades, thousands of Jews have gravitated to the East in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. More recently, several Eastern Practices have been secularized, popularized, and repackaged as physical and meditative exercises. Does this make them kosher? Which practices are problematic and should be avoided? And what was the Rebbe’s response to the popularization of Yoga and Transcendental Meditation back in the ’70s?

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