The Jewish Dating Course – Student Textbook

Welcome to the Jewish Dating Course, a five-part journey exploring the why, what, and how of dating from a Jewish, Chasidic perspective.

The lessons of this course will bring a hopefully fresh perspective to the audience about this important topic. For many, dating can be a cause for frustration, heartbreak, and—most aggravatingly—zero results. Drawing from classic Jewish wisdom, and particularly from the letters and talks of the Rebbe, this course will, G-d willing, provide much-needed insight to equip students for success.


Lesson 1
Why Marry?
Dating’s Final Destination: The Case for Marriage
With all this talk of dating, it’s worth stopping for a moment and asking this critical question: What is the purpose of this? What’s the end goal? A deep and honest look at the beauty of married life should provide an excellent answer.

Lesson 2
Your Bubby Was Right
There’s really only one foundational thing for relationships
Dating is a tricky thing. No one disputes that. But with a clear understanding of what really matters and what’s just window dressing, you’re much better equipped to ace it. Discover the singular item to square away before and during the process. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache.

Lesson 3
Don’t Fall in Love with Love
Understanding the difference between real love and its counterfeit cousin
Are you in love? Do you want to be in love? Are you aiming for a starry-eyed, dancing-under-a-moonlit-sky experience? Are you waiting for the magical to click, and then you’ll know they’re “the one”? Discover what true love is all about—and how to tell it apart from everything else.

Lesson 4
I Just Can’t Decide
Date with confidence and clarity that you made the right decision
It’s arguably the biggest decision of your life. How can you possibly know that you got it right? Discover the fundamental attitudes and methods to bolster your confidence and put you at ease as
you navigate this critical life decision.

Lesson 5
“But Rabbi, Why Can’t I Marry Her?”
Straight talk about intermarriage
It’s a heartbreaking and charged discussion: Why can’t a Jew marry a non-Jew? What if they really, truly love each other? Who are we to dictate another person’s life? An honest and insightful conversation about a critical topic in love and life itself.

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